Test Comparison Checklist

If you are selecting a domestic violence offender assessment instrument, or test, the following Comparison Checklist should prove helpful. This checklist itemizes important assessment and screening qualities. The “Other” column represents any other test you might want to compare to the Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI).

Test Comparison Checklist

Comparison Categories



Designed Specifically for Domestic Violence

Test Reliability & Validity Research Provided

Truthfulness Scale to Detect Faking

Truth-Corrected Scores for Accuracy

Four Test Administration Options:

Paper-Pencil (English and Spanish)

On Computer Screen (English and Spanish)

Human Voice Audio (Reading Impaired)

Over the Internet (www.online-testing.com)

Delete Names (confidentiality) Procedure

HIPAA (federal regulation) Compliant

Test Data Input Verification (accurate scoring)

Built-in Database (Contains 85,000+ DVI Tests)

Annual Database Research (free)

Juvenile Version (DVI-Juvenile)

Outcome Measure - Treatment Effectiveness (DVI Pre-Post)

Short Form (DVI-Short Form)

Specific Scale Score-Related Recommendations

Alcohol and Drugs Scales

Control Scale

Violence (Lethality) Scale

Stress Coping Abilities Scale

Available in Windows (Diskettes & USB Flash Drives)

Available on the Internet (www.online-testing.com)

Easily Understood and Helpful Reports

Used in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom